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HEIDRA 200 - 200mm

HEIDRA 200 - 200mm
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The Heidra 200 hydraulic submersible pump is a self-contained, diesel powered 200mm
pump available for heavy duty municipal and industrial dewatering and solids handling
pumping applications. The Heidra 200 offers flow rates up to 703.7 M3/hr. with
up to 54.9M of total dynamic head and solids handling capability of 79mm in
diameter. The unit consists of a sturdy cast iron submersible pumpend and hydraulic power
pack mounted on a rugged steel skid. A variable displacement hydraulic piston pump on
the power pack delivers hydraulic fluid to a fixed displacement piston motor that drives the
pumpend’s shaft, bearings, and cast steel impeller. Simple engine throttle adjustments allow
changes to pump flow and head performance.

Technical Data

Maximum Capacity -MC/Hr. 680
Maximum Head - Metres 9
Maximum Solids handling 75 mm
Branch Sizes 200 mm
Standard Engine Perkins 1104-44TA 82 kw @ 2000 rpm
Standard Mounting Skid base PowerPack / Pump
Length 2600 mm / 660 mm
Width 1300 mm / 585 mm
Height 1750 mm / 1245 mm
Approx. Wet Weight 1908 kg / 356 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 255 litres

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