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HEIDRA 250 - 250mm

HEIDRA 250 - 250mm
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The Heidra 250 Hydraulic Submersible Pump is a self-contained, diesel powered 10"
pump available for heavy duty municipal and industrial dewatering and solids handling
pumping applications. The Heidra 250 offers flow rates up to 3500 gpm with up to 185'
of total dynamic head and solids handling capability of 3-1/8" in diameter. The unit consists
of a sturdy cast iron submersible pumpend and hydraulic power pack mounted on a rugged
steel skid. A variable displacement hydraulic piston pump on the power pack delivers
hydraulic fluid to a fixed displacement piston motor that drives the pumpend’s shaft,
bearings, and cast steel impeller. Simple engine throttle adjustments allow changes
to pump flow and head performance.

Technical Data

Maximum Capacity -MC/Hr. 750
Maximum Head - Metres 6
Maximum Solids handling 75 mm
Branch Sizes 250 mm
Standard Engine Perkins 1104-44TA 82 kw @ 2000 rpm
Standard Mounting Skid base PowerPack / Pump
Length 2600 mm / 710 mm
Width 1300 mm / 685 mm
Height 1750 mm / 1245 mm
Approx. Wet Weight 1908 kg / 365 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 255 litres

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