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HL125M - 150mm x 100mm

HL125M - 150mm x 100mm
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The Godwin Dri-Prime 150mm x 100mm HL150M automatic priming centrifugal pump
is a compact, high pressure pump perfectly suited for temporary pumping under discharge
pressure conditions or high discharge lifts. Capable of generating maximum flows of 63 l/sec. and discharge heads to 138.7M or 13.4 BAR,
the HL150M is used in temporary fire service, quarry and mine dewatering, and as a temporary
replacement for permanently installed transfer pumps. Like all Godwin Dri-Prime pumps, the
HL150M can prime and reprime automatically from dry to 8.5M of suction lift.

Technical Data

Maximum Capacity -MC/Hr. 190
Maximum Head - Metres 63
Maximum Solids handling 35 mm
Branch Sizes 150 mm suction 100 mm discharge
Standard Engine Perkins 1104C-44TA 82 kw @ 2000 rpm
Standard Mounting Skid base
Length 2575 mm
Width 1275 mm
Height 1815 mm
Approx. Wet Weight 2004 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 250 liters

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